Life sciences & Healthcare

The demands of a global ageing population combined with the need to rein in national healthcare budgets have spurred the development of new medicines and technologies. Belgium is the leading country in the European life science sector and thus a hub for international cooperation. Agio Capital & Business Solutions Life Sciences & Healthcare works with the leading businesses across Europe and China’s major healthcare sectors including pharmaceutical, life sciences, biotech, medical technology, e-healthcare and healthcare services.

Industry 4.0

Industrials is a broad term that covers a range of business sectors, from automotive and aerospace, smart manufacturing, automation through to support services such as logistics, engineering and transportation. European businesses with smart manufacturing know-how, intellectual property and a strong market position in the Industry 4.0 sector are particularly attractive for international partnerships or investment. Agio Capital & Business Solution Industrials focuses on these value-added companies and advises them on domestic and cross-border transactions.

Cleantech & Renewable Energy

With global warming and pollution becoming an increasing problem, cleantech is certainly the wave of the future. Therefore European cleantech companies have a strong appeal to international markets. For companies focusing on energy storage management, waste water treatment, circular economy, renewable energy, waste management, etc. China fi. is one of the biggest markets in the world. Agio Capital´s Cleantech & Renewable Energy team has all the expertise and experience needed to advice in this growing market.

ICT & Technology (IoT, Fintech, Blockchain, AI, etc.)

Businesses in the technology sector are focused on delivering progress through innovation. Agio Capital & Business Solution Internet of Things & ICT group works with these businesses providing a cutting edge technology to the market. Because there are significant crossover effects into other sectors such as healthcare, finance, media, industrials and beyond, technology is global, everywhere and changes our lives on a daily base. We understand this and consequently our strength comes from our understanding of the valuation dynamics of the different sub-sectors. Other sectors which we focus on within this sector are smart cities and homes, traffic management via IoT, etc.

Food, Consumer goods & Retail

Agio Capital Food, Consumer goods & Retail specialises in working with branded businesses in the retail, consumer goods, food, leisure and luxury sectors. We are able to prove the appeal of a brand which is nearly always the key to unlocking value, and will advise our clients on strategic questions such as market positioning, choice of partnership, or introduce the right investor.

Real Estate (Europe)

The real estate sector is changing rapidly. With growing populations and new retail requirements, the demands on real estate are shifting. Agio Capital´s Real Estate group understands these changes and can deliver additional value for our customers.

Grants (Europe)

A truly unique service is provided by our Agio Capital & Business Solutions Subsidies Group. Although readily available, a great deal of companies don´t always know where and how to get subsidies. Not only do we guide our clients who subsidies are available and could be obtained, we also assist and guide them through the process to achieve success as fast as possible.